As we pop up in new locations, guest safety remains our top priority with social distancing, contactless support options, and disinfectant kits.
Learn more about our new locations opening in Nashville, New York and Washington, DC!
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The future of hospitality is flexible.
Curated spaces in hand-picked neighborhoods with the perks of a hotel.

Whether you’re with us 3 days or 3 years, in a pop-up hotel or rented apartment, furnished or unfurnished, discover a flexible way to stay.
This is more than just a space to spend the night—it's a place to call home for as long as you’re here.
Stay Nightly
Be you, and don’t miss a beat, even on the road. That strain of traveling? Nope, not here.

We pop-up these rooms in some of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods, so immerse yourself in your surroundings and adopt the local lifestyle - or not. It’s your choice.

Stay With Us
Stay Monthly
Whether you're staying awhile for work, visiting family, or anything in-between, we have just the space for you.

Savor homemade breakfast in the comfort of your chef-ready kitchen and the flexibility to take care of laundry in your own space while the kids catch up on their favorite show.

Stay For a While
Stay Longer
Some of our locations allow you to stay even longer by renting out one of our apartments.

Experience a hospitality-infused home with cleaning services, guest rooms, and more. Embrace the dynamic atmosphere that feels part-residential, part-hotel - the best of both. You've never lived in a space like this.

Enjoy the WhyHotel Experience
Spread out...
and stay your way...
F1F466CA-165C-48EB-B6C9-358E59850E15 your flexible space

Hospitality-infused living, no matter how long you actually stay
Chef-ready kitchen you’ll actually want to cook in
In-room washer/dryer so you can actually ditch that suitcase 'dirty clothes bag'
Walk-in closets big enough to actually use, no matter how many shoes you bring
Free Wi-Fi that actually won’t slow you down
Pets actually welcome! No need to make other arrangements for your furry friends*
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Rooms professionally cleaned and disinfected so they actually shine
Access to the building amenities so you can actually get a real workout in
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Furnished units for visiting friends and family they'll actually want to stay in
* Some pet restrictions and fees apply
How do we
do this?
By partnering with developers, property operators, and investors, we curate a collection of apartment spaces in hand-picked neighborhoods. These buildings range from brand-new apartments as they're leasing up to established apartments looking to maximize their value.

Our team works with you to identify and elevate your properties by offering an unprecedented flexible-use asset class that optimizes apartment and hospitality use.

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