As we pop up in new locations, guest safety remains our top priority with social distancing, contactless support options, and disinfectant kits.
Learn more about our new pop-up hotel in Washington, DC!
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The future of hospitality is flexible.
Curated spaces in hand-picked neighborhoods with the perks of a hotel.

Whether you’re with us 3 days or 3 years, in a pop-up hotel or rented apartment, furnished or unfurnished, discover a flexible way to stay.
This is more than just a space to spend the night—it's a place to call home for as long as you’re here.
Stay Nightly
Be you, and don’t miss a beat, even on the road. That strain of traveling? Nope, not here.

We pop-up these rooms in some of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods, so immerse yourself in your surroundings and adopt the local lifestyle - or not. It’s your choice.

Stay With Us
Stay Monthly
Whether you're staying awhile for work, visiting family, or anything in-between, we have just the space for you.

Savor homemade breakfast in the comfort of your chef-ready kitchen and the flexibility to take care of laundry in your own space while the kids catch up on their favorite show.

Stay For a While
Stay Longer
Some of our locations allow you to stay even longer by renting out one of our apartments.

Experience a hospitality-infused home with cleaning services, guest rooms, and more. Embrace the dynamic atmosphere that feels part-residential, part-hotel - the best of both. You've never lived in a space like this.

Enjoy the WhyHotel Experience
Spread out...
and stay your way...
F1F466CA-165C-48EB-B6C9-358E59850E15 your flexible space

Hospitality-infused living, no matter how long you actually stay
Chef-ready kitchen you’ll actually want to cook in
In-room washer/dryer so you can actually ditch that suitcase 'dirty clothes bag'
Walk-in closets big enough to actually use, no matter how many shoes you bring
Free Wi-Fi that actually won’t slow you down
Pets actually welcome! No need to make other arrangements for your furry friends*
Spray Bottle Icon
Rooms professionally cleaned and disinfected so they actually shine
Access to the building amenities so you can actually get a real workout in
Chair Icon
Furnished units for visiting friends and family they'll actually want to stay in
* Some pet restrictions and fees apply
How do we
do this?
By partnering with developers, property operators, and investors, we curate a collection of apartment spaces in hand-picked neighborhoods. These buildings range from brand-new apartments as they're leasing up to established apartments looking to maximize their value.

Our team works with you to identify and elevate your properties by offering an unprecedented flexible-use asset class that optimizes apartment and hospitality use.

Partner with us
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